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I remember hearing my first ghost story from my nan and the landlady of the pub she used to work at. They told me the tale of ‘Old Blind George’, the ghostly apparition haunting the historical Dolphin Public House in Betchworth, Surrey. They showed my six-year-old self a supposed photo of ‘Old Blind George and I was thoroughly terrified and infatuated, all at the same time!

From then on, I read and listened to and watched anything paranormal or ghosty. My mum used to listen to talk shows on the radio when she was ironing. I wasn’t interested in listening, unless they were phone-ins where people told their spooky personal stories, and then I was glued to the radio. At secondary school I met a life-long friend who was as equally scared and interested in all things paranormal. Our discussions about weird stuff and ghost hunting helped to further fuel my interest in the world of the paranormal.

Over the years I have had many strange experiences that I cannot explain. And ‘feelings’ which I couldn’t dismiss. I’m not saying I’m psychic. Far from it! But maybe I am just sensitive and open to the possibilities of ‘the other side’. You’ll find many of my personal stories featured on this blog, so keep reading here.

 With the invention of the internet came so many more stories to read, videos to watch and photos to pore over. There is plenty of material out there. I have been digesting information from the world of the paranormal ever since. But it was during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 that I finally had a chance to write a blog for fun. Weird Wiltshire was created!

This is a place where I can write about the history, folklore and spooky tales which overflow the county of Wiltshire. A place where I can explore other strange stories, from far and wide.

I call myself a ‘skeptical believer.’ I’m looking for some REAL evidence, if it exists. I know there’s a lot of fakery out there! But I also love a good yarn from olden times, Probably changed and embellished many times over the years. Basically, I love a good story! I am a writer after all. Check out Pass the Task, where I write in a professional capacity as a copywriter.

If you’d like to join me on my bloggy journey, collecting and collating weird and unusual stories from Wiltshire and beyond, you can join me on Twitter. And you can subscribe here to receive the Weird Wiltshire newsletter!

If you have a paranormal story you would be willing to share, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Emma Heard

Emma Heard

Lover of the weird, unusual and strange! Blogger for fun, professional copywriter to make money. Living in the heart of rural Wiltshire, in the depths of South West England. Where ley lines cross and the ancient souls of years gone by continue to roam the land of the living.

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