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This is a story my dad told me about a potential Notting Hill Police Station ghost.  He was a policeman in London for over 30 years and is not the kind of man given to being overtly emotional or having fanciful notions. When someone sceptical about ghosts and the paranormal tells me a ghost story they can’t explain, it always interests me more. They will always look to explain the situation away before thinking it is due to ghostly goings-on. If, after looking at their experience pragmatically, they still can’t explain what happened, I feel it gives the story more credibility.

notting hill police station ghost
Top left window shows the canteen, location of the Notting Hill Police Station Ghost

Notting Hill Police Station Ghost Story

Told to me by my dad, Trevor Heard:

Back in the late 70s I was based at Notting Hill Police Station as a Detective Constable. The front office and cells were on the ground floor, CID Office and senior officers located on the first floor and the second floor had the most important part of the building, the canteen! It was very small, like a loft conversion, with a few tables and chairs and a serving counter.

I stood at the counter and ordered a mug of tea from the canteen assistant. A large bowl of sugar was on the counter, next to a mug with teaspoons in it. I stood looking out of the window whilst my tea was being made with hot water from an old chrome kettle. The assistant had her back to the counter. Suddenly there was a loud bang from the counter and the assistant and myself turned around at the same time to see the upturned bowl of sugar. The bowl was full and not a grain of sugar was spilt. The bowl was upturned and the sugar was contained within it. We both laughed nervously and I turned the bowl back-up. Gravity took over, the sugar spread over the counter.

This incident could not be explained. The bowl was not capable of tipping over and there was nobody nearby to touch it or knock it. We could only shrug our shoulders and carry on. Looking back, I could have researched the history of the building but never did. I wonder if someone, somewhere, was telling me to cut my sugar intake!!

If you can shed anymore light on the Notting Hill Police Station ghost please contact me. I’d love to know if anything else happened there!

Have you got a ghost story you would be happy to share? Get in touch– I’d love to hear it!

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