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A strange series of events led me up to Stonehenge last Friday. And then something occurred that I am at a loss to logically explain away. It left me stunned, in fact. I really felt I needed to share it with you all.

As you may know, if you’ve read some of my other blogs, I do have strange experiences from time to time. I try to find logical explanations if I can. But that’s not always possible and last Friday’s events certainly fall into that camp.

Here’s what happened:

Beautiful sunset on 12th June, with thanks to Stonehenge Dronescapes

A Research Trip to Stonehenge

On Friday 10th June, I decided to sack off my usual work (the joy of being a freelancer) to seek out some evidence for an article I am writing. I had arranged to meet a local lady after listening to a podcast as part of my research. Nixie was interviewed about the ghosts of The New Inn from her time as a landlady. The pub is about a mile from Stonehenge. On this podcast, Nixie had also talked about elemental energies at the stones and surrounding area, so I just had to get in touch with her.

Thankfully, she agreed to meet me at Stonehenge to discuss her experiences. We got talking straightaway. Nixie is a spiritual artist, medium and crystal worker. She was fascinating and lovely. We talked about all sorts of subjects besides Stonehenge, including spirit guides. Not being a sensitive myself, I have never been aware of my spirit guides.

Have a look at Nixie’s work here. I love it!

Nixie told me, ‘You know there is a lady who arrived with you today.’ I was intrigued.

Nixie told me there was a lady with long dark blonde hair, about 15 years older than me, behind me. She was fading in and out of view but had arrived with me earlier. Nixie said, ‘She is just watching. And stroking her hair. She is ill, perhaps. She may have cancer or something. I’m not sure.’ I couldn’t think who it could be. I have not lost many people in my life.

Just before this, I felt prickles up the back of my neck, like tingling, and I felt emotional while we were talking. Thinking about it, it felt like someone might have been near me.

Nixie and I talked and we got onto the subject of a current work project I am just about to start. I explained what it was and Nixie was interested in talking to them as they were looking for more artists and writers to come on board. The lady running this new enterprise wishes to remain anonymous, so we’ll call her Joanne.  

Using good old Twitter, Nixie found Joanne and opened her profile to see her photo. Her jaw dropped and she was visibly shocked.

‘Ohhhh. That’s her. That’s who is here. That’s who is with you.’

She said without a doubt, it was Joanne standing with us! Nixie said she had never experienced someone who could appear elsewhere. Some sort of astral projection, maybe? We were both shocked by what she had seen. We didn’t know whether it was a good or bad thing. Here’s something strange. I know Joanne has indeed been ill with several conditions and cancerous cells were found. Luckily things are now looking positive, but she had only found out a week or so before. She is indeed around 15 years older than me and has long blonde hair. Is this just a coincidence? I felt not.

Courtesy of Stonehenge Dronescapes

Lovely Stonehenge!

Nixie and I spent a lovely sunny morning together at Stonehenge chatting to the fascinating guides and a local drone photographer, Nick Bull, at Stonehenge Dronescape. You can see his amazing work here. We met some very tame crows and rooks who were hopping around visitors’ feet and on and off the arms of the guides. Nixie told me they were the guardians of the stones.

It was time to leave and we parted ways. On my drive home, I decided to dig into this whole situation a little more. It was a strange experience, but it was about to get even weirder.

The guardians of the stones


When I got home, I sent a quick email to Joanne. She’s based on the US East Coast, and it would have been her morning when I emailed. At the time this possible astral projection happened Joanne would likely have been asleep. I apologised for the rather strange question, but I asked her if she had slept well the night before and had any unusual dreams. She didn’t know I was going to Stonehenge, and I mentioned nothing of what I had planned to do that day or who I was going to meet.

Joanne replied to me. ‘Oh no. I haven’t visited you have I?’

 Joanne sent me a long email explaining her past experiences. It turns out she has, she thinks, slipped over into another universe or realm before. And during these times, she has visited people close to her. Joanne says she doesn’t remember these visits but people will ask her why they had seen her walking along their street at night. And these sightings all occur while Joanne has been sound asleep in bed.  

Some of her astral visits have been around the time of an important event, like before the birth of a child. She feels she sometimes has a message for the person she visits. It hasn’t happened a lot but it has happened to her on several occasions. How it happens or why, Joanne is unsure. She can’t control it and only knows of it happening when other people tell her they’ve seen her.

Joanne is open to looking into her unique ability. She doesn’t claim to be psychic but admits she has some unusual experiences.

I reported back to Nixie and she then confirmed. Joanne was able to astral project somehow across the universe and turn up in other locations. I can’t profess to know much about astral projection. I will definitely read up on it and maybe let you all know my findings. But today’s post is about the story rather than deeply delving into the subject.

Later that day…

Don’t forget the five-hour time difference. It was early evening when I next sat down to check my emails. I heard back from Joanne again. She was shocked and possibly spooked by what I had told her. But, she had had another extraordinary experience that day. Whether it ties in with the astral projection to Stonehenge, I’m not sure.

Joanne told me that something had happened to her that day and she wasn’t sure what she had seen. After heading out for a walk, Joanne ended up near a rock alongside a creek. A lovely spot and somewhere she had visited before to meditate. On the rock, she spotted a lady from behind. Curled up. Joanne felt this lady needed privacy, so she walked on. But Joanne was quite spooked. She was pretty much sure she had just seen herself. Joanne carried on and stopped further down the track at a waterfall. There she met a woman and a dog who had been following her. The dog was a large German Shepherd and had become aggressive and distressed when passing that very rock. Barking, growling, wide-eyed. The dog owner tried to calm her dog. Apparently, it had never reacted that way. Joanne says she has a connection with dogs. She felt the dog tell her that it had seen and sensed the lady on the rock. And it had unsettled him.

Had Joanne had some kind of encounter with a doppelganger? Or was it the residual energy left from a time when, Joanne admitted, she had sat on that very rock and had been in a really dark place mentally. As dark as you can be. Heading back the rock on her way back from the walk Joanne went and had a little look. The rock was wet even though it was a sunny day and the water level was low. There were footprints. The same size as Joanne. There was certainly a lot for her to digest on Friday. For someone who won’t call herself a psychic, she had experiences that were hard to explain.

What ties the two events together is really only that they happened on the same day and to Joanne. I wonder if, somehow, the energy of Stonehenge strengthening as we head towards the Summer Solstice had a part. Maybe being there with a sensitive gave enough power to the universe to allow Joanne to be present with us. Why? We don’t know. But we were talking about her business so…

Over on the East Coast…

Joanne, understandably, was somewhat overwhelmed by the day’s events. I don’t know Joanne well, but she appears to be the type of person who likes to seek knowledge from her experiences. And so, she contacted another lady, a psychic she met, for her take.

Maggie, as we will call her, told us that she knew before she read the email that Joanne would tell her she had seen herself. And Maggie felt that she had indeed seen herself. Joanne had somehow witnessed an apparition of herself, residual energy, from a time when she had been sat on that rock and in great distress. If you believe in the Stone Tape Theory, it is sort of along those lines.

Maggie tuned into her spirit guides, who told her Joanne can indeed subconsciously astral project! And given that Joanne had shared other abilities too, such as her connection to dogs, she was very, very probably psychic. What a thing to find out!

Courtesy of David Solce-

The End, For Now

This is the end of this story for now. Joanne has decided she wants to discover what is going on and explore her possible abilities. She feels she needs to know why she seems to be able to appear elsewhere. And how? If any other events occur, I’ll update this blog. Subscribe if you want to know when I post updates.

I am still trying to understand what happened on Friday. My spiritual self wants to whole-heartedly believe that I have been a minor part in a story of astral projection. My sceptical self is still wondering if there can be a plausible explanation. But, so far, any explanation is filled with a whole lot of holes. So, me, I’ll choose to believe. Something strange is going on and if Joanne is really able to travel through space to other locations, how blooming amazing!

Got anything you’d like to add? Have you ever witnessed someone projecting themselves across the universe?

Or maybe you have a ghost story from Wiltshire or beyond?

Leave me a comment, get in touch here or find me on Twitter, if you do!

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Thank you so much to Nixie Foster for your input, Maggie for your insights, Nick for allowing me to use your wonderful photography and lastly Joanne for sharing your story.

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